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First floor deck

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 Installed continuous 38’ LVL beam.

 I-joists being installed over structural LVL beam.

Engineered 11 7/8” I-joists installed on first floor, 16” on center.

Outside stair box insulated with foam.

Installing two rows of 6 x 6 posts for two 8 x 8 tamarack beams for future deck. Deck will be self supporting and completely detached from house with 1 ½” airspace from final siding. There will be need for attachment or flashing and potential water infiltration is mitigated.

Piles of lumber protected with plastic coverings every night.

Starting layout of first wall structure. Note ¾” Advantech subfloor already installed.

Splayed 30 degree window opening in 2 x 6 first wall layer.

Note 2 x 8s cut on 30 degree angles for splayed window openings and insulated window headers for upstairs and mudroom windows. Note no headers installed on first floor for windows, all structural header loads will be LVL’s in outside box structure.

First wall layer built with sheathing overhanging. Note floor box is inset ½” around perimeter. Wall sheathing will be flush with ICF foam foundation.

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