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Foam process and more framing and roofing

Exterior foam process. Note insulation baffle for 30″ loose fill cellulose.

Exterior foam on west side.

First window installed with extremely critical flashing detail. (New School Builders)

Roofing under way.

Exterior foaming process with soy based Demilac. (Building Energy)

Roofing and foaming almost complete.

Interior foaming areas that will not get dense packed.

Framing the first floor stairway.

Let-in roof blocking for future addition.

Exterior detail, south side.

Ceiling substructure taped for air sealing. Will be T&G hardwood.

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Garage slab and framing.

Prepped foundation base for garage slab, note sill seal foam as thermal break around perimeter of foundation.

 Final tamping of ground.

4 mil poly and 2” of polystyrene insulation as an insulated base and vapor barrier for concrete floor.

Pouring the garage slab. Concrete has fiberglass fibers and flyash.

Installing ½” rebar in a star pattern for extra structural integrity.

 Installing zipstrip expansion joint to divide garage floor into quarters.

Load bearing eave walls erected and braced. Notice the structural headers which are filled with Foamular.

Adjustable bracing and spring blocks in place to true up exterior walls.

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On the Second Floor

Installing I-Joists on LVL Beam.

Basement window showing splayed sides and depth of wall.

Second floor joists being installed.

Second floor complete with decking.

Tom and Deb raising the fist wall on the second floor.

custom made peevee for bringing the wall into alignment.

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Walls built and raised.

First prototype wall erected.

Exterior wall installed, with thermal break Foamular spacers attached with 8” screws. Note wall studs lap onto ICF foundation 6” down covering well below rim joist level, and tamarack (weatherproof) exterior shoe board.

Mock-up of wall system designed by Tom, including drain plane airspace and window flashing.

Attaching the wall raising jig to preconstructed prone wall.  

Floating partition receiver allowing for complete insulating behind.

Open 2 stud corner allowing for complete insulating.

Front wall supported by adjustable braces.

Exterior wall studs ready to be attached to OSB sheathing, note 22.5 degree angle on top.

Studs attached to wall exterior.

Exterior wall stud system being extended below main floor on top of ICFs with additional EPS foam. Note Typar sheathing which covers EPS foam. This will prevent deterioration of underneath EPS from the exterior foaming process.

Lower section of extended stud walls are attached to ICF foundation ribs with cleats screwed into the ICF ribs.  Will be bonded in place forever by the foaming process.

Triple 38’ 12” LVL beam previously set on frame by lumber boom truck. (Saving grunt work.)

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Garage Foundation.

Garage site excavated with crushed stone for footing base.

Compacting stone for garage footing.

Garage footings being poured with fly ash concrete.

Screeding the footing, note electrical pipes coming out of footing and rebar grounding.

Foundations forms ready for concrete.

Pouring garage walls.

Adding foam for additional frost protection at footing base.

Soil holding down frost protective foam.