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Bullnose sheetrock corners installed around window openings.

Fitting bullnose sheetrock corner trim.

Careful masking tape detail at sills before sheetrock mudding.

Solar hot water pipe penetration through roof. Note insulated pipes.

Double wall sheathing space air sealed with duct seal.

Garage exterior thermal break detail using foil faced foam sheeting.

Sheetrock taping.

First fixtures installed.

Upstairs wood ceiling.

Tom and Deb.

Author: kikamca

Traveling with Steve to San Francisco to the International Association of Laryngectomees Annual Meeting and Voice Conference!

One thought on “Real Progress

  1. hi tom and deb,
    happy holidays. your new home looks warm and so inviting and it is not even decorated. what a work of passion.
    i look forward to seeing it in person.
    thanks for sharing through the blog
    best to all
    love ,
    billy and inge

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