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Kitchen Installation

Various cabinet parts arrive from the shop.

First Tiger Maple cabinets installed.

Ed Moore watching the installation.

Master Cabinet Maker Clark Sargent scribing the cabinet.

Clark and Lincoln installing cabinets.

Tom installing hardware.

Inlay design.

Ready for countertops.

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Notes on Green Features and Criteria

As Green As It Gets – Green Dream Home Tours – March 12 & 26, 2-5 pm or by appointment.

Join us for a tour of  Tom Moore’s new green home, built with energy efficiency, conservation, low maintenance and adaptability as basic themes and designed for a lifetime of comfort. Great green home design begins with a great builder.

Energy Efficiency

Optimal solar siting with south facing exposure

Roof mounted solar electric and solar water heating systems

Two backup electric systems with separate control planels: DC battery/generator

Low amp-three phase water pump, which runs on less power

Energy Star appliances

“State-of-the-Art” air-tight performance created by unique double wall framing design and double sided insulation.

Open floor plan with attention to natural day lighting and wall colors.

Computer-controlled environment which can be remotely operated.

Weather sensitive heat boiler

Air heat recovery system


 Creative use of 16,000 board feet of lumber harvested from the site and locally sawed, milled and dried.

Optimum use of recycled materials.

Low VOC Vermont made natural tungoil woodwork finish

All wood, cork and slate floors.

Recycling scrap to minimize waste.

Use of local Vermont materials whenever possible

Use of finest local craftsmen.

Low Maintenance

Unstained natural pine siding, to weather naturally with no upkeep.

50 year asphalt roof

Landscaped for low maintenance and little mowing.

Adaptability and Sustainability

“Universal Design” with ceilings and floors installed before the internal walls for adaptable future remodeling.

Wheel chair accessible entrance and lavatory and first floor living adaptability

Ability to be away from home and free from power failure concerns.

Special Design Details.

Unique design of window openings with maximum natural light.

Natural board exterior with horizontal and vertical treatment and classic Greek Revival window trim detail.

“Craftsman” style interior wood trim created in Tom Moores wood shop.

“Not-So-Big” Sarah Susanka philosophy of “dual-use” space and private areas.

Open floor plan

Two home offices

Custom built Tom Moore furniture to integrate with interior house design and woodwork details.

Granite window sills

Stained glass windows in interior walls.

Master bath to basement laundry chute.

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Balustrade Installation

Drilling stair treads for balusters.

Locating the handrail  for baluster height measurements.

Installing the balusters.

Installing handrail on top of balusters.

Fastening the newel post, aligned, glued and screwed.

Wrapping the newel post with base skirt.

View from the top, second flight of stair treads drilled with baluster fasteners in place. Note stair protection.

Installing the final railing.

Finished railing upstairs.

Finished railing first floor.

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Inlay and Fixtures

Dadoing door rail slot for custom inlay.

Custom tiger Maple door rails with Tom Moore designed inlay.

Figured Maple soldier blocks for bullnose door openings with granite sill.

European baseboard radiators installed.

Clawfoot tub installed in open European style guest bathroom.

Craftsman style ceiling fan installed on Select Brown Maple T&G wood ceiling.

Dining room fixture.